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Why The Silva Method?

The truth is that in today's world of fear based news, the mass media creating division, the stresses of work and a worldwide pandemic, it's easier than ever to find ourselves out of balance in life. 

When we are out of balance we find ourselves stressed, in bad health, our relationships suffer, we don't sleep well, "bad luck" seems to find us, and things just generally don't go our way.

Have you ever felt that way? 

If so, it's very possible that your life may be out of balance and you need to re-align yourself to the "Higher Intelligence" to find your center so you can naturally start attracting the things you want in life. 

That's where The Silva Method comes in.

The Silva Method gives you various methods and techniques to get yourself naturally aligned with this "Higher Intelligence".

This is done through a process called "Dynamic Meditation & Visualization" where you learn to go into deeply relaxed states to access the Alpha and Theta levels. 
The Alpha and Theta states are where natural healing occurs and we can become a conscious creator of our lives.

When we access this "Higher Intelligence" we can literally become a bender of reality and create very specific outcomes of what we want to have happen in life. 

This is where life seems to effortlessly go your way, "good luck" shows up, your relationships are harmonious, your health is it at optimal levels, and you feel like you're on top of the world. 

The more you practice the methods taught in the Silva Life System, the faster things start to happen. If you make it a consistent daily practice I can guarantee that your life will forever change for the better. 

But don't just take my word for it, here are just a few students who I've trained that have had extraordinary results after taking the course:

Student Success Stories

"My Fibromyalgia healed through the techniques taught in the Silva Method.
I'm even using it to help other now"

"I was procrastinating for so long as I didn’t have the money. As soon as I decided to take it, money showed up! Course was excellent, the tools provided priceless, and I gained a group of friends. Thank you Stephen!"

"The Silva Method is the best self-development program I have ever taken"

"You will get more clarity of thoughts. I always had negative thoughts pop up in my  mind all the time. I used to get anxious, now with Silva Method I say “Cancel, cancel” then replace with positive ones. I feel relieved. And those negative thoughts are fading away."

"Five Thumbs Up for Silva Method with Stephen Dobos.
I can finally sleep after 20 years of not being able to."

How Does The Course Work?

The Silva Method Program is broken down into 2 parts.
The Silva Life System & The Silva Intuition System

The Four Day Immersion brings both parts together for a full 4 day Silva Method Experience!

Silva Life System
Part 1

The core program. Participate in life changing events that help you overcome obstacles and live your life’s purpose!

What you will achieve.

Transform Chaos Into Flow 

Everyone has stress. Silva gives you the tools to transform stress into clarity, creativity, and even relaxation. Learn how to put yourself into a deep level of meditation and use stress to your advantage.

Positive Thoughts = Positive Outcomes

Happiness is something that we all want. Learn to uncover your life purpose, solve those problems that block you, and transform that negative inner voice into a positive, supportive mentality. There is no greater power than to realize that your mind is on your side.

Enhance Mind-Body Healing

Learn a variety of mental visualization methods designed to accelerate your mind and body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing. Results have been studied & endorsed by a many medical practitioners.

Sleep Soundly,  Energized & Use The Power Of Dreams

You can control your mind to fall asleep when you choose to. Learn to set your internal clock and wake up anytime—without the use of an alarm clock. This aligns with your bodies natural sleep cycles so you wake up rested. Then with Silva Dream Control, you can use your dreams to help boost your problem-solving abilities, creativity, and inspiration.

Achieve Powerful Goals

The methods you will learn in The Silva Life System will help you stop procrastinating and take the right action to make your goals a reality.

Silva Intuition System
Part 2

The only thing standing between you and total intuitive living is the resistance within your mind.

What you will achieve.

Recognize And Trust Your Inner Voice 

This is the voice that you often wish you had listened to when it said, “Take the umbrella.” Learning to trust this inner voice can save you from many such mistakes.

Mental Projection & Insight 

These exercises train your mind to project your awareness across time and space, to different locations. Plant lovers can connect with their plants; pet owners know their pet’s needs; parents can mentally relate with their children. The applications are endless.

Understand & Control Your Mind 

Learn Silva Intuition System’s HoloViewing Technique and get insight into a given problem and how to correct it. Then implement the correction with Silva’s Mirror of the Mind Technique.

Discover Your Life Purpose 

If the goal you are manifesting is not in harmony with your highest good, then you may subconsciously sabotage yourself, causing failure and attracting things that are wrong for you. Learn how to use your mind to identify the right goals and stay aligned with your life’s purpose.

Assess Problems And Identify Blocks

If you want to become psychic, this is it. Our Caseworking Methodology teaches you how to access information about yourself and others, as well as to identify and interpret blocks and perform distance healing. Above all, you will learn to trust intuitive information you receive every time.

Silva Method Four Day Immersion

with Stephen Dobos

September 14th - 17th, 2023
10 AM - 7 PM EST daily
Location: Cummer Avenue United Church

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It So Important To Do This Course With Live Instruction?

Home study courses can be great...except statistics show that less than 2% of students ever get past the first module of a home study course. This is because natural distractions occur, life gets in the way, and eventually it's forgotten about. 

When you enroll in this live course, you will be forced to make it a priority to engage in the trainings. Plus, you will probably have many questions which we will be able to answer on the spot. You'll also get to experience the magic that occurs when multiple people who all have the same intention to create amazing results in their lives get together and practice as one. That's one of the favorite parts our students comment on. 

Will the Silva Method hep my stress, anxiety, depression, or relationships?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. This is one of the most asked questions. We all want a life that feel easy.  A life that's is aligned with the flow of the world and comes naturally. When we are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression we are are constantly fighting against everything around us. This impacts our relationship. All of them.  The Silva Method will help you to centre and align yourself again. It will give you techniques and skills to overcome your depression/anxiety. It will reduce your stress in as little as 5 minutes. And in return your relationships will flourish!

How long until I see results?

It's not a quick fix, but with just 5-15 minutes of intentional meditation a day you could see life changing results in only 30 days! Students have gotten new jobs, raises, cash bonuses all while still in the course. With many more outcomes in the weeks and month after the courses ends.

What if i can't make a specific day?

If you are a new student to the Silva Method we encourage you to make all the trainings, to make the commitment to yourself to focus on your personal growth. It's the only way to get the most out of the course. You are required to attend all the days to Graduate. If you do have scheduling conflict please let us know and we will do out best to accommodate.

If you are a Graduate and have previously taken the course, feel free to come on days that work best for you. We review the Silva Life System on Thursday and Friday, and the Silva Intuition System on Saturday and Sunday. Join to review the parts that you are looking to improve on.

When and where is the training?

The full course runs Thursday, September 14th - Sunday, September 17th, 2023
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM daily
Cummer Avenue United Church - 53 Cummer Ave, North York, ON
Register now and get access to our early bird offer! 
*Registration closes Monday, September 4th at midnight.

The Silva Life System - Part 1 runs on Thursday and Friday
The Silva Intuition System - Part 2 runs on Saturday and Sunday

What is the early bird offer?

Register now as a new student, or as a continuing student for the the Silva Intuition System (Part 2), until June 11th and the following will be included in your registration.
  • 1 Group Coaching Call with Stephen Dobos. A great opportunity to ask questions and fully integrate everything you learnt during the course into your daily life. The call will take place after the course, date's will be set in August.       ($120 Value)
  • ​6 months Free access to the Abundance Meditations Membership. The Abundance Membership gives you access to guided dynamic meditations 24/7. Make your daily meditation practice easier with guidance when you need it!        ($207 Value)
  • ​Sixth Sense by Gabriel Domokos. A digital copy of Gabriel's book where she shares how she developed a very accurate psychic/institution using the Silva Method. ($30 Value)

Can I take part 1 now and part 2 later?

In the Four Day Immersion we only offer registration for the full 4 days. If you would like to take The Silva Life System - Part 1, you are welcome to join us for our online Zoom courses when this is offered. Click here to see upcoming dates or email at better@silvamethod.ca

Who is a Grad and what is Grad Pricing?

A Silva Grad is anyone who has ever taken any Silva Method course (Silva Life System or Silva Intuition System). Whether with myself or any other instructor. Whether last year or 30 years ago!

The Grad Review price is only $170 for the whole course! You can join for all 4 days, or just come when it works for you! At that price you could review the course multiple times a year for only a couple hundred dollars!

What is the money back guarantee?

If by the end of the course, you aren't fully satisfied and feel like you got $1,494 worth of life changing material out of the course, I will refund the full cost of the program, no questions asked. No risk to join! Just a commitment to change your life. Refund request must be made by the end of the last day of the course.

What will I get out of the program?

From less stress, to better sleep. Physical and emotional healing to a better gold game. The possibilities are endless. You will learn how to program any outcome that your desire for yourself and loved ones

Location, Accommodations and Meals

Location: Cummer Avenue United Church - 53 Cummer Ave, North York, ON

Meals: Meals will not be provided. Please either bring a packed lunch or visit a local restaurant. Click here for a list of local restaurants.

Start Creating The Results You Want In Life By Learning The Silva Method

The Silva Four Day Immersion Is A Live In-Person Training Happening
September 14th, 15th, 16th, & 17th

When You Enroll In The Silva Four Day Immersion Course
You Will Receive...

  • 40 Hours of live training split up into 4 days ($1997 Value)
  • ​3 Weeks of group coaching sessions on Wednesdays ($497 Value)
  • ​7 Weeks of online support - recordings, technique reviews, exercises, etc. ($997 value) 
  • ​Community WhatsApp group to interact with members and share experiences ($97 value) 
  • ​Silva Life System Method Student Manual - Hard and digital copy ($150 value) 
  • ​Silva Intuition System Method Student Manual - Hard and digital copy ($150 value) 
  • ​Magic Bean Experiment shipped to your home ($47 value)
  • ​Mental House Cleaning Ornament to encourage a positive mind set everyday ($55 value)
  • ​Certificate of completion and Silva Method ID card ($75 value)
  • ​Lifetime review privileges - review at a discounted rate around the world for life ($1197 value)
  • ​Free Monthly Review Zoom calls live with Stephen Dobos - always the 1st Wednesday of the month. Review techniques, ask questions, and connect with the Silva Community ($75 monthly value)  
  • ​Access to group Case Working and healing with others around the world ($35 value)
  • ​Direct access to Stephen Dobos ($150 value) 

Total Value: $3500+

You Pay Today Just $1,494

"My first experience with Silva was 31 years ago when I went through a trauma and it was life changing. Last year, after serious COVID reactions, my husband Claude and I took an online Silva course which we both benefited from. But something was missing. Thanks to the Silva graduate offer of course review at a discount price, I decided to take Stephen’s zoom course which my husband was also interested in observing. Stephen’s hands-on approach was the missing factor that we needed to make the commitment. The follow up blew me away and continues to impress me. Gratitude, Joy & Love"

-Linda H.
"Hi Stephen,

Amazing sesion today, I was a little skeptical, but so happy now, great tools we received, even now still after a few hours after the course, looks like he monkey mind took a break :)"

"I told my wife that it was an amazing course. I learned a lot and I know I am going to transform myself to be a better human being."

"Thanks for a great session last weekend, it was great. I started getting up on time at the exact time without my alarm."

"Meditations were my favourite part.  I released something from my forehead after meditation. I always had my fields in mind, I had dreams about the field I grew up in with my siblings. I don’t have any bad memories of the village and fields, but it;s always on my mind. I now feel  relieved."

"Hello Stephen,

 I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful classes and all the help to be better and better every day."

"Stephen, The 3 fingers technique has made it easier for me to go into alpha quickly and to use this method out into the real world and in Daily life, on myself and family."



If you take the course and feel like you haven't gotten life changing material, we will promptly issue a refund, no questions asked. Refund request must be made by the end of the last day of the course.