Dive deep into your higher intelligence with 
the Silva Intuition System - Part 2.

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What is the Silva Intuition System?

Continue on your journey and deepen your practice with the The Silva Intuition System - Part 2 of the full Silva Method Program.

When you started with the Silva Method and took the Silva Life System your life changed. You experienced how when you are centred and balanced, resistance dissolves and life begins to flow around you. Through daily practice you are on a journey of tuning your intuition, finding balance and flow in life, and set out to achieve a life of abundance, joy, and ease. Now you are ready to take the next step. 

By enrolling in the Silva Intuition System you will open yourself to the opportunity to develop and enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. This course is designed to help you tap into their inner guidance and intuition, to make better decisions, solve problems, and achieve greater success in all areas of your life.

Elevate your practice in Dynamic Meditation & Visualization where you learn to go even deeper into relaxed states to access the Alpha and Theta levels. Tap deeper into your Higher Intelligence to strengthen your mind-body connection to better heal yourself and others around you. Broaden your mastery of intuition and make better and faster decisions, and solve problems with creativity. Develop your craft in energy work to find alignment with the energy sources all around you. 

The more you practice the methods taught in the Silva Method, the faster things start to happen. If you make it a consistent daily practice I can guarantee that your life will continue to change and evolve for the better. The Silva Intuition System is your next step on this journey. 

Here's What You Will learn  
In The Silva Intuition System - Part 2

Develop your intuition.

Develop and enhance your intuition through advanced techniques in meditation, visualization, manifestation and energy work.

Gain a deeper level of inner connection.

Connect with yourself at a deeper level and grow in your relationship and understanding of yourself. Heal from stress, anxiety, depression and so much more through a rooted understanding of your personal power. 

Make better decisions faster. 

Learn to make better decisions faster without all the information by tapping into your higher intelligence and intuition. Make decisions about your career path, finances management in difficult times, health and wellness changes or treatments, or how to navigate a difficult personal relationship easily with your intuition. 

Solve problems creatively and find your inspiration.

Come up with innovative ideas and solutions by using visualization and other techniques to tap into your subconscious mind and access new ideas and insights. Learn to use a mental laboratory to explore and examine new ideas with ease and fully expand and develop them.

Learn how to heal old wounds.

Learn to use visualization, positive affirmations, meditation and deep relaxation to heal physical and emotional wounds. Master how to create mental images of your desired outcome to focus your mind to activate the body's natural healing mechanisms and promote faster recovery.

Send mental messages with friends, family and animals. 

The course covers a range of psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychometry. You will learn how to practice telepathy by sending and receiving thoughts with a partner, or how to use clairvoyance to see images or symbols related to a particular situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Prerequisites to the Silva Intuition System?

The Silva Intuition System is Part 2 of the full Silva Method Program. To register for the SIS you need to first complete the Silva Life System - Part 1. Click here for more information on The Silva Life System.

Why Is It So Important To Do This Course With Live Instruction?

Home study courses can be great...except statistics show that less than 2% of students ever get past the first module of a home study course. This is because natural distractions occur, life gets in the way, and eventually it's forgotten about. 

When you enroll in this live course, you will be forced to make it a priority to engage in the trainings. Plus, you will probably have many questions which we will be able to answer on the spot. You'll also get to experience the magic that occurs when multiple people who all have the same intention to create amazing results in their lives get together and practice as one. That's one of the favorite parts our students comment on. 

What if i can't make a specific day?

We encourage you to attend all the training sessions. You will get the most of the program when you set your intentions and focus on prioritizing yourself and your learning. You need to attend both days to complete the course and graduate. 
We know sometimes life gets in the way, if you are unable to make a class please let us know. If you miss a day you can make it up on the next live training of the Silva Method free of charge. You will also have access for 7 weeks to all live trainings in recorded format, so if you need to go over the training at a time more convenient you can.

Is it true i can re-take this course anytime for just $80?

Yes, once you graduate from the course, you will be able to take this course again for just $80 if you choose. Our Graduate Lifetime Review Privileges! So if two years from now you want to do a re-fresher you can signup for just $80 and go through the entire course. Many students do this to stay sharp and on top of their personal growth. 

How long does it take to see results with the Silva Intuition System?

Student's have found focus, clarity of mind, and rejuvenation after just day 1! They feel more alert, less overwhelmed and find their focus. 

Students have gotten new jobs, raises, cash bonuses within days of finishing the course. With many more outcomes in the weeks and months after the courses ends.
You may see immediate success with smaller goals, and larger goals achieved within 30 days of the course with regular meditation and practice.  

Can the Silva Intuition System help me improve my intuition in all areas of my life?

The Silva Intuition System will teach you a set of techniques and exercises designed to help you develop and enhance your intuitive abilities in all areas of your life. From improving your performance at work, improving your health and wellness, to building your relationships and spiritual development. 

continue your journey with the Silva Method.
enroll in the Silva Intuition System - Part 2

The Silva Intuition System Is A Live Online Training 

When You Enroll In The Silva Intution System Course You Will Receive...

  • ​2 days of live training. The second part of the full Silva Method Program ($1197 Value)
  • 3 Weeks of group coaching sessions on Wednesdays ($497 Value)
  • ​Community WhatsApp group to interact with members and share experiences ($97 value)
  • Silva Method Student Manual - Digital Copy ($150 value) 
  • Bean Experiment shipped to your home ($47 value)
  • ​Mental House Cleaning Ornament to encourage a positive mind set everyday ($55 value)
  • ​​Certificate of Completion and Silva Method ID card ($75 value)
  • ​​Lifetime Review Privileges - review at a discounted rate around the world for life ($1197 value)
  • ​Free Monthly Review Zoom calls live with Stephen Dobos - always the 1st Wednesday of the month. Review techniques, ask questions, and connect with the Silva Community ($75 monthly value) 
  • Access to group Case Working and healing with others around the world ($35 value)
  • ​Direct access to Stephen Dobos ($150 value)

Total Value: $3500+

You Pay Today Just $747

"I told my wife that it was an amazing course. I learned a lot and I know I am going to transform myself to be a better human being."

"My first experience with Silva was 31 years ago when I went through a trauma and it was life changing. Last year, after serious COVID reactions, my husband Claude and I took an online Silva course which we both benefited from. But something was missing. Thanks to the Silva graduate offer of course review at a discount price, I decided to take Stephen’s zoom course which my husband was also interested in observing. Stephen’s hands-on approach was the missing factor that we needed to make the commitment. The follow up blew me away and continues to impress me. Gratitude, Joy & Love "

-Linda H.
"Hi Stephen,

Amazing session today, I was a little skeptical, but so happy now, great tools we received, even now still after a few hours after the course, looks like he monkey mind took a break :)"

"Meditations were my favourite part.  I released something from my forehead after meditation. I always had my fields in mind, I had dreams about the field I grew up in with my siblings. I don’t have any bad memories of the village and fields, but it;s always on my mind. I now feel  relieved. "

"Thanks for a great session last weekend, it was great. I started getting up on time at the exact time without my alarm."

"The 3 Finger Technique had made it easier for me to go into alpha quickly and use this method out in the real world. I use it daily on myself and family."

"Hello Stephen,

 I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful classes and all the help to be better and better every day."



If you take the course and feel like you haven't gotten $747 worth of life changing material, we will promptly issue a refund, no questions asked. Refund request must be made by the end of the last day of the course.